Surgery And Physiotherapy

Before Surgery: Your surgeon might suggest physiotherapy to maximise strength and flexibility before your operation in order to speed up your recovery after surgery and give a better long-term outcome.

After Surgery: Your surgeon will have a post-operative program for the physiotherapist to follow to ensure correct stresses and strains are applied at a safe time for surgically repaired tissues. Post-op physiotherapy encourages range of motion, strength, balance and a safe timely return to your normal lifestyle. Physiotherapy may be recommended after a fracture, spinal surgery, joint replacement, joint arthroscopy or ligament/tendon repair.

Key Service Features

  • Joint replacement- hip, knee, shoulder

  • Joint arthroscopy/clean out/fracture fixation/joint fusion- hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist

  • Back and Neck surgeries- decompression, fusion, laminectomy, discectomy Soft tissue repairs- rotator cuff, cruciate ligament, ankle ligament, elbow/hand surgeries

  • Working with your Orthopaedic Surgical Team to maximise your potential outcome

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