Orthotics/Gait and Physiotherapy

Orthotic is the medical name for shoe inserts that are prescribed by a professional trained to assess foot/leg biomechanics/movement of body parts.

How do you know if you might need orthotics? You may feel discomfort/pain/burning in your feet, calves, knees, groin or low back during/after spending time on your feet. You or a family member might notice that you move “funny” when walking/running. Genetics play a big role, with foot problems seen to be passed through generations of the same family.

How will orthotics help you? The foot and ankle are designed to move in an intricate pattern that facilitates painfree and energy efficient walking/running/jumping. Some people’s feet biomechanics can deviate significantly from the range considered as within normal limits. The more significant the deviation the normal, the more complex the orthotic prescription will be. Small deviations may be corrected/supported with quality footwear, or an over the counter device.

A professional assessment of lower limb biomechanics – joints, muscle length and muscle strength will determine which orthotic, if any, is required.

Key Service Features

  • Assess foot movement pattern, joint movement, muscle flexibility and strength in lower limb

  • Over the shelf orthotic/insole for mild problems

  • Personalised custom orthotic for moderate/severe biomechanical problems

  • All ages from children from seniors can benefit from gait intervention

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