Dry Needling

Trigger-point dry needling is a safe invasive procedure where a fine needle is inserted into a muscle by a specially trained and competent therapist. The needle is directed towards the trigger point in the dysfunctional muscle tissue. This causes a reflex twitch within the trigger point, inducing a chemical change and increase in local blood flow resulting in muscle relaxation. Relaxing the muscle fibre is an effective treatment to resolve pain and tightness. Needling is just one part of the treatment, often facilitating the success of rehabilitative exercises.

Examples of conditions that respond well to deep dry needling include neck, shoulder, back and leg pains.

Key Service Features

  • Invasive procedure targeting myofascial trigger points

  • Creates local twitch response withing muscle stimulating blood flow

  • Post treatment soreness normal

  • Relieves muscle pain and tension

  • Increases joint range of movement

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