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Patient centered approach to all our treatments.

The over-arching ethos of the clinic is to empower patients in the self-management of their complaint, promoting a proactive approach to health and fitness. Although concentrating on musculoskeletal health, all aspects of patient well-being will be addressed. Body weight, nutrition, sleep, exercise, mental health and healthy habits interact with musculoskeletal health and are inseparable as part of the human condition.

Back & Neck

Spinal pain affects 85% of us during life, physiotherapy allows you to understand your spine.

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Sports Physio

Physiotherapy determines your optimal exercise frequency, intensity and duration to prevent injury or maximise recovery.

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Dry Needling

This is an evidence based treatment for myofascial pain, effectively relieving muscle tension and pain.

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Appropriate prescription of orthotics can help every age group, relieving foot, knee and back pains.

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Vertigo And Physiotherapy

Vertigo is the frightening sensation that either you or the room is spinning uncontrollably.

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Children and Physiotherapy

Developing neurological and musculoskeletal systems often need a specialised physiotherapy intervention to facilitate normal progression.

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Physiotherapy & Surgery

Physiotherapy guides musculoskeletal strength and flexibility training, which is essential for a successful surgical outcome.

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Pregnancy Related Physiotherapy

Musculoskeletal changes occurring during pregnancy and/or after childbirth may require specialised physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

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Equestrian Physiotherapy

When mounted you are a team with your horse, a joint unit. Each member of the team affects the other member

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About Positive Physiotherapy Clinic

  • University Honours Degree Qualification -professional knowledge and skills

  • Member of Professional Body, Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists (ISCP)

  • Agreed to ISCP Code of Ethics and Professional Values

  • Registered and fulfilled high standards of professional excellence described by CORU regulating body

  • Evidence based treatments, Patient focussed

  • receipts recognised by leading Health Insurance Companies in Ireland

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